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Her terrific debut novel, TWISTED RIVER, could hardly be more steeped in classic American pulp. MacDonald develops her twin stories with masterly control of mood and scene.

This is a terrifically dark, twisty thriller, skilfully plotted and stylishly written.

This thrilling tale about secrets that lie beneath a seemingly tranquil marriage will be a strong choice for readers who enjoyed Paula Hawkins (THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN) and authors such as Liane Moriarty (BIG LITTLE LIES).




Siobhán studied electronic engineering at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and had a successful career writing for the technology sector in Scotland, France and Ireland.

Siobhán published her first novel TWISTED RIVER in 2016, following up shortly afterwards with THE BLUE POOL.​

Her next psychological suspense GUILTY was published in June 2020 and Siobhan's latest novel - THE BRIDE COLLECTOR - was published in July 2021.


She is published in the UK & Ireland by Little, Brown, in the US and Canada by Viking Penguin, in France by Archipel and in Germany by Piper.

Siobhán lives in Ireland with her husband and two sons.


Press Reviews



“Page turner guilty of a gripping story. You could choke on the delicious venality & hypocrisy. Just one of the creepy thrills in this page turner."

Liam Heylin on GUILTY



“MacDonald builds the action to a spectacularly creepy climax, and there is a superbly worked twist to follow that will take your breath away."




"GUILTY is a classy and cleverly plotted  psychological thriller that grips from page one, packed with well-drawn characters and delivering an absolute zinger of a twist in the tale in the final pages.”

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You Magazine, 31 Jul 2021

The Novice Bridge Player

I cast my mind back to the time a relative suggested I should consider bridge lessons. I was working full-time as the mother of two lively young boys. “It’ll be great for when you’re a widow,” said my relative - a dubious selling point.


You Magazine, 27 Jun 2020

Scenes From a Garden

Cats like our garden. Underneath the ash tree, especially. Where our own cat and a much cleverer cat called Sylvester used to air-box. Unfortunately, Sylvester didn’t last long. He disappeared overnight a while back. We suspect he was a cat who knew too much.


Writer's Digest, 20 Aug 2016

The Lure Of Domestic Noir

Domestic noir is a growing genre. Regular domestic situations are a fertile breeding ground for suspense thrillers. In fact, the more life is presented as "perfect' to the outside world, the more we find very strange goings-on behind closed doors.

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The Gloss, Jul-Aug 2021

Holidaying With Friends

As a poor student, I and some friends spent a week in a holiday-home in Barleycove. We arrived from different parts of the country but I’ve no recollection of how we all pitched up. The notion of anyone having access to a car was laughable.


The Irish Times, 28 Sep 2020

Summer on the Wild Mad Frantic Way

Alarmingly, the clutches of abandoned cars soon became one long, meandering ribbon as far as the eye could see. And this time there was a stream of oncoming traffic. The relaxing, scenic trip had become a game of dare.


Strand Magazine, 16 Jul 2016

Top 10 Best Irish Mysteries

Unlike the crime or detective novels that originated in Britain, Ireland’s mystery writing developed differently, reflecting that country’s economic, political, and social development.

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The Irish Times, 27 Jul 2021

The Amateur Sleuth

Fancy spending an hour or two in some squashy chair in the company of a detective? Ideally, with a gnarly, male investigator, a pint or three short of a smile, or with a kick-ass female investigator whose private life is a smörgåsbord of messy relationships?


Woman's Way, 27 Jul 2020

Facts of Life (Irish Style)

She put it to me that would I really want to eat sweets all the time if they were available to me 24/7? A tricky question. I and my pals had been in charge of the lunchtime tuck shop at school the previous term and had done precisely that.



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